Broadcast: Year 2008
Network: KBS

The story revolves around Haseon the daughter of Nayoung. Nayoung (Eugene Kim) and Sungmin (Yoon Sang Hyun)  had a hard time conceiving a child because Sungmin had fertility problems. As soon as Sungmin's friends, Soo Hyun (Jo Hyun Jae), Kwang Hee (Jae Hee) and Kyung Tae (Shin Sung Rok), knew about it, they decided to help through sperm donation. Sadly, Sungmin died in an accident leaving Nayoung with her unborn child at the moment. The three friends of Sungmin, feeling sorry for what happened, decided to help Nayoung raise her child.

The 3 Dads: Kyung Tae, Kwang Hee & Soo Hyun
When Nayoung gave birth to Haseon, the three men were always there for her.  The three men suggested to Nayoung to live with them since it would be hard for her to go to work with Haseon who still needs to be taken care of. While Nayoung goes to work, the three men takes care of Haseon. Kwang Hee is an artist who works at home spends the most time with Haseon. Soo Hyun takes care of their finances since he is a corporate worker. He takes care of  buying the things Haseon needs and pretty much all the expenses at home. Kyung Tae is a policeman and pretty much acts like a husband to Nayoung.

Fast forward, Haseon was Sungmin's birth daughter. Soo Hyun, Kwang Hee and Kyung Tae liked Nayoung but was scared to tell her because all three of them still didn't know who the father was. They didn't want to break the guy that time! Haha! As soon as they knew that neither the three of them was the father of Haseon,  they couldn't wait to tell Nayoung that each of them liked her. This was evident in the last episode of the series when the three of them raced to Nayoung in the end.

Screen caps from the show: Credits in the CREDITS page in this blog
Credits of this screen caps are in the CREDITS page of this blog.

This drama is one of my favorites. I grew up without a father and this drama made me jealous of Haseon because she has four dads who took care and loved her! Though the real one was already dead but still she's very lucky.

What I love about this drama is that it is not one of those common dramas with love triangles. Though they confessed at the end that they liked Nayoung but still the story was evident that it REALLY REVOLVED AROUND HASEON.

You guys should watch this! Join the 3 Dads and 1 Mom through their journey in taking care of Haseon. =)

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Thank you. =)

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Anonymous said...

This was aired in ABS-CBN before, right? Was able to watch only a coupla episodes. But the female lead star is one of my Korean girl-crushes. :)

Jennifer said...

Yup this was aired in ABS before. This was shown in KBS World recently...yung mga encore dramas nila and I got hooked. I wasn't a fan yet of K-dramas when this was shown in ABS before. =) Try watching it again sis. =)

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