All About Marriage is a drama about couples and.....uhmm...marriage. I wasn't able to finish watching the whole series because the DVD I bought was until at episode 28 only (there are 54 episodes in this drama). As far as episode 28 is concerned, the series depicts the cons of marriage. Husband and wife always fights, betrayal, cheating, selfishness and all those things that make a marriage feel like hell. How some couples in this series are so dysfunctional? The father even said that their children are useless!

If not for Lee Jong Hyuk ( he's sooo damn HOT in this drama.☺Wearing suits really suits him WELL! ♥Though his character was a jerk!), I think I wouldn't be able to continue watching this drama. It's depressing to watch married couples fight almost every episode! It gives me a heavy heart after watching. They also pointed out how ones social status can affect when both persons want to get married. I it really like this in Korea? I hope not. It is really sick.

Kim Taeho (Lee Jong Hyuk) and Nam Jeongim (Kim Jiyeong):
  • Taeho is a selfish man and doesn't respect his wife. He's even a bigger jerk when he starts to cheat on his wife. All he could think of was himself especially when he rose to stardom as a host in a TV talk show that deals with marriage problems. I even can't figure out in the middle part in the series where they separated if Taeho was constantly chasing Jeongim because of love, loyalty or just for his reputation as a perfect husband but I do think (as far as epi 28 is concerned) it's for his reputation. To be fair, there were scenes where Taeho looked back on their happy memories with Jeongim but that's not good enough for me. He's really a jerk. Taeho was unemployed when he married Jeongim. Jeongim worked hard to support his husband's graduate school and it sucks seeing them in the series where they always fought. They live their separate lives (not divorced). 
Yun Seoyeong (Lee Taeim)
  • She's Taeho's co-host. You are right. She's one of the reasons why TH and JI marriage has gone mad. You guys know what annoys me? She acts all innocent and sweet! Grrr! I just want to strangle her. She even asked Taeho what their relationship is to hiim!!! Is this girl stupid??!! That man is married! F!
Kim Jongdae( Baek Ilseop) and Oh Soonok (Ko Doo Sim)  
  • Jongdae is Taeho's dad. Taeho really takes after his dad in being a jerk and I HATE THIS CHARACTER! I feel sorry for his wife, Soonok  because he doesn't treat her with respect. He treats her like a housemaid giving out errands left and right even preparing for his food (even if his wife was not feeling well) he leaves it to his wife. Jongdae is obsessed with social status. He doesn't want his children to marry someone from a poor family when he himself isn't rich. I mean really...if you love that person it really doesn't matter. He also isn't over his first love. One breath of fresh air in this series is Soonok and Jeongim's mother-daughter-in-law relationship. She's not the mother-in-law from hell. Both of them confined with each other whenever one of them feels sad. They also understand each other because of their husbands' similar attitudes.
Han Gyeonghan (Han Sangjin) and Kim Yunho (Oh Yoona) & Kim Gangho (Seong Hyuk) and Yu Dahye (Lee Dain)
  • I have nothing much to say about these couples. Their love is like me-against-the-world type of thing. For the latter, their storyline is also a breath of fresh air. You know being young, cute and in love. 
I hope I will be able to finish this series before school starts. ☺ As for Lee Jong Hyuk, he's really a great actor. haha! I know I'm a bit biased but he really plays the jerk character really well. He's known for his roles as an antagonist. He also played as an assassin in Chuno. In Formidable Rivals, he played a very stiff man but hides his soft side. In Green Rose, I haven't watched that series but I think he was the main antagonist in that drama. I really hope he'll be given the leading role (the good one and the one who gets the girl in the end) someday.

♥ =D
Hot professor. =D

"Trust is the foundation of all human relationships." - Yun Seoyeong (How ironic for her to say that. Ugh I just hate her character! =D But I love the quote that's why I'm posting it here. =D)

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