The colors are sooo cute. =D

Just watched episode 1. Well, I'm really not hard to please when it comes to dramas so I give this a thumbs up. One reason I'm watching this is because of Choi Daniel. I love his funny character in the drama, World's Within. 

Lee Soo Young (Jang Nara) is a 34-year old woman who looks like a 25 year old university student. She is also  a struggling fashion designer who only graduated up until high school. She worked at a company for 14 years but recently was fired. She's the bread winner in her family so she has to find a job ASAP to support her mother and younger sister. 

Choi Jin Wook (Choi Daniel) is man who looks older for his age. He is the heir of a multi-million dollar company but is not in good terms with his father and decided to take his fate in his own hands. He worked at a fashion company as a managing director. That scene where he thought he had to walk on the runway was funny. =D

I just finished watching episode 1-4. The first few episodes started slow but after episode 4, I couldn't wait to watch the next one! Daniel Choi really portrays his role well in this drama same with Jang Nara. Sometimes I'm kinda annoyed of Nara's character, Soo Young, because of her low self confidence. I hope for a better character development of Soo Young as the drama progresses.

I guess basing on the posters Soo Young and Jin Wook will end up together huh. IMO, Ryu Jin and Nara have more chemistry! =D The scene where Seung Il gave the -- (was that a 10 won coin? Sorry I'm not familiar with Korean currencies,) was so funny and the way Soo Young received the coin. =DD Either way it'll be okay for me since I also like Daniel Choi. Haha! Can't wait to watch episode 5! And ohh, Soo Jin ---- the real one, really gets into my nerves!! >.<

That's all for now. =) I will be updating this post as the drama progresses. =) Hope you'd be coming back here.

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